Your Education at HOFA-College Is Fair and Flexible

In addition to the content of the courses, the educational concept is an essential factor for many of our students when choosing HOFA-College for their further education. Especially in these exceptional times, they are looking for high flexibility and a course programme that adapts to their personal circumstances – even if these may change. Find out in this post what it means exactly when we describe HOFA as fair and flexible.

Get started right away

When you register, you can determine the starting date of your online course – you can either begin immediately or on a date of your choice. This also allows you to benefit from current special offers and start the course later. You will receive your login details for the HOFA Online Campus and all further information about your online course after your registration or on your chosen starting day.

You set the pace

Work, family, friends, hobbies – Is there really time for an online course? Of course there is! It is up to you how much time you want to invest. Just a few hours at the weekend or every day from dawn to dusk. Or simply whenever it suits you.
You are completely flexible if you take your online course with one-time payment, as you will get access to all the content at the start of the course. You are completely flexible if you take your online course with one-time payment, as you will get access to all the content at the start of the course. But there are also two different options for monthly payment of your course, which allow you a high degree of flexibility:

  1. Reschedule learning units: during your course, you can unlock additional learning units at any time.
  2. Pause your online course: you can suspend your course if you are unable to spend time on it.

When you enrol for the HOFA AUDIO DIPLOMA, you can choose between a duration of 24, 36 or 48 months.

Study anytime and anywhere

Whether you’re an early starter or a night owl – here you can learn whenever you want. There are no fixed learning times, no obligatory classes, and no deadlines. All content is available in the HOFA Online Campus. You complete your practical exercises and exams at home in your DAW and submit them to the online campus for assessment. If you have any questions, just call us, chat with us, or send us an email. We promise you fast and well-founded answers to all your questions about audio engineering and the organisation of your course.

You are also flexible when it comes to your learning location. You don’t need a well-equipped studio – if you have a computer/laptop and suitable headphones, you’re ready to go. By the way, for the start of the course you will receive a DAW (either Cubase LE or Ableton Live Intro) with enough possibilities to complete the first learning units without compromise, and 48 premium plugins from HOFA with which you can work on a professional level during the course and beyond (including EQ, compressor, reverb, analyser, limiter …).

Fair terms of cancellation

In times like these, it is not easy for many to go for a well-founded and thus long-term further education. It is then reassuring to know that you can cancel your HOFA-College online course at any time if necessary: After the 14-day cancellation period has expired, you can terminate your online course after the first six months and then always with a notice period of three months.

Personalised solutions

Are you interested in an audio engineering online course, but not yet sure which course you would like to take? Or are you looking for an individual course plan that fits your life and needs? Just get in touch with us – we look forward to hearing from you and will surely find a solution.



Jan Bönisch
Jan Bönisch
Jan Bönisch completed his training as a media designer for picture and sound at HOFA in 2015. He then graduated from the Corporate State University Mannheim with a degree in Media Management & Communication. Since 2019, Jan has been part of the executive management of HOFA, the company of his father Jochen Sachse. In addition to the business administration management of HOFA, his focus is on marketing, human resources and quality management. He is also an accredited trainer and heads the HOFA GmbH vocational training division.

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