Jochen Sachse

CEO & Senior Audio Engineer, Tonmeister VDT, Certified Trainer (Steinberg)

Jochen Sachse can look back on over 30 years of experience as a professional audio engineer. He is the CEO of the HOFA GmbH. His work with national and international artists makes him and his studios one of the first addresses in Germany when it comes to professional recording, mixing or mastering. Artists and producers like Deborah Sasson, Jack White, Sidney Youngblood, Anita Burck, Pink Cream 69, Silverwood, Bernd Clüver, Yakari etc. trusted and trust his work. As a songwriter, producer and musician, he has won the German Rock and Pop Award. The album “Licht” of his studio project INI was awarded as the best German-language album of the year.

Jan-Bönisch (1)

Jan Bönisch

Executive Management, Audio-Visual Media Designer

Jan Bönisch completed his training as a media designer for picture and sound at HOFA in 2015. He then graduated from the Corporate State University Mannheim with a degree in Media Management & Communication.

Since 2019, Jan has been part of the executive management of HOFA, the company of his father Jochen Sachse. In addition to the business administration management of HOFA, his focus is on marketing, human resources and quality management. He is also an accredited trainer and heads the HOFA GmbH vocational training division.


Jochen Weyer

Head of HOFA-Studios, Senior Audio Engineer & Tutor, Certified Trainer (Steinberg)(Steinberg)
Jochen Weyer has been an audio engineer at the HOFA-Studios since 1994. He is a classical trained pianist and has recorded and mix hundreds of productions. He has played keys in several bands over the last 35 years and you can hear his sound design on countless records. Jochen Weyer passes on his many years of expertise in numerous workshops.

Fabian Freitag

Audio Engineer & Tutor, Audio-Visual Media Designer
Fabian Freitag completed his vocational training as an audio-visual media designer and works as audio engineer and tutor. He’s gained a lot of experience at the HOFA-Studios, where he worked with artists like Freddy Sahin-Scholl (Supertalent Winner 2010) or the Rastrelli Cello Quartet. He plays the piano and trombone in various ensembles and produces his own music.

Marc Sann

Audio-Engineer & Audio Engineer & Tutor, Audio Engineering Diploma
Marc Sann has been a tutor at the HOFA-College since 2013, where he mainly works in customer support, web development and programming. In 2011 he completed an audio engineering diploma and worked for productions at Radio RPR1 and as an IT technician. He’s a singer, bassist, guitarist, drummer and pianist.

Simon Götz

Audio Engineer, Specialist for Audio Technology
Simon started his career at HOFA on the basis of a study in music at PH Karlsruhe, completed a vocational training as a specialist for audio technology and a close cooperation with the Popakademie Mannheim. At HOFA he’s focused on customer support, workshops and course development and also works for HOFA-Plugins. Simon plays in several live and studio projects and worked with artists like Jon Lord (Deep Purple) or Chris Thompson (Manfred Mann).

Tobias Reiss

Audio Engineer & Tutor

Tobi became a member of the successful Karlsruhe acoustic orchestra “The Greedy Bunch” in 1999 as pianist and second lead singer next to Laith Al-Deen. From this came the live band for Laith Al-Deen, whose keyboardist, second voice and musical director he is to this day, and which has allowed him to look back on countless hit album productions and tours at home and abroad.

He has also worked with artists such as Roachford, Paul Young, Bobby Kimball, Chris Norman, Klaus Lage and many others and is active as a studio keyboardist and vocalist as well as a composer, arranger and producer. He also releases self-produced and -composed pop-blues albums.
All this experience from 30 years in the music business he brings concentrated in the HOFA-College.

Hilton_Theissen Neu

Hilton Theissen

Audio Engineer, Music Producer and Songwriter
Hilton has been a professional musician and composer for 30 years and a music producer for 20 years. His band projects have allowed him to gain extensive experience in the metal, trance, indie and pop scenes. As a songwriter and producer for labels, companies and renowned publishers such as BMG, Universal Music Group, Imagem and Bosworth, he developed themes for Paco Rabanne, ARAL, Ratiopharm and Luxembourg’s Next Popstar. He also worked with artists such as Sash, Joachim Witt, Jan Koemmet (Accept), La Honda (feat. Eko Fresh, Azad and Xatar) Mark Gemini Twaithe (The Mission, Tricky, Peter Murphy) and Paul Raven (Killing Joke, Ministry, Prong).

Marvin Müller

Project lead HOFA-Studios & Audio Engineer, BSc in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Marvin graduated with a Diploma in Music Production and Sound Engineering as well as a degree in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. His hands-on experience in the studio and theoretical knowledge of technology puts him in an excellent position as an audio engineer and tutor. At HOFA College, his focus is on course development and mix analysis.


Marion Leuthner

Administration & Educational Consulting

Marion Leuthner received her PhD in theater studies from the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz. Due to her experience at the theater, at the museum, in a software company and as an author, her tasks at HOFA-College are in the areas of administration, educational consulting and PR.


Julian Moritz

Tutor, Music Producer

With a diploma in music production and his many years of experience as a guitarist, Julian has extensive expertise in both sound and music. He works for HOFA-College and is responsible for mix analysis and support.


Samir Eckhardt

Tutor, Media designer digital and print, Music Producer, Mixing-Engineer

With an affinity for music production and as a passionate guitarist & drummer, Samir is responsible for supervising students at HOFA-College, as well as creating mix analyses. Having completed the distance learning program himself, he is very familiar with all the content and processes and has extensive training in sound engineering. Through his previous training as a media designer digital & print, he has an eye for design and brings his expertise also in the creation of graphics for the HOFA online campus.


Steffen Walter

Audio-Engineer & Tutor
As a longtime guitarist and songwriter, Steffen has not only played numerous concerts together with bands such as Powerwolf, Emil Bulls and Sonic Syndicate, but also gained a lot of experience in recording and mixing. Through a previous teaching degree, he brings additional didactic knowledge, which he can draw on in the preparation of mix analyses and in the support at HOFA-College.

Christian Hostert

Audio Engineer & Tutor
As a graduated composer and sound designer with a degree from the ArtEZ Conservatory in Enschede, Chriss can provide expertise in a wide range of musical and audio engineering fields. He works as a live mixer with the band “Fortuna Ehrenfeld” in Germany, designs sounds for Kontakt Libraries and writes songs for the Cologne indie scene. At HOFA, he is primarily involved in content creation, but also holds various workshops and goes into sound design and music theory in the mix analyses.

Dennis Ward

Audio-Engineer & Tutor

Dennis Ward has been working at HOFA-Studios and HOFA-College for many years. He plays bass at Magnum, is a former band member of Pink Cream 69 and engineered and produced bands like Helloween, Krokus, AXXIS, Angra, Primal Fear and many more. named him “Producer of the Year” and the album “Angra”, that he produced in the HOFA-Studios has been awarded “Production of the Year” (Burrn! Magazine).


Roland Bliesener

Tutor, Songwriter & Musician
Roland Bliesener – former keyboardist of the Karlsruhe band Knutschfleck (backing band for Hubert Kah, Peter Schilling, Markus, Frl. Menke, UKW, among others) – can now look back on more than 1,000 concerts. In the meantime he is on the road with his solo program as a songwriter. As a composer, arranger, producer and home studio owner, he can bring his more than 30 years of experience specifically to the HOFA-College.

Philipp Siebler

Online Marketing Manager, Media Management (B.A.)

Philipp has been enthusiastic about working with digital media ever since he was a kid. That’s why he’s exactly in the right position as an online marketing manager at HOFA. As a DJ & part of the producer team Simon & Phil, Philipp can look back on many years of experience in performing and producing music. Whether Ibiza, Croatia or Oman – besides releasing his own productions, he had the opportunity to perform at international (festival) stages.


Jan Becker

Video Producer
Jan comes from the broadcast industry and is passionate about being behind the camera. At HOFA, he is responsible for demanding video recordings as well as shooting tutorials and specializes in editing & color grading. Jan is also in charge of the online campus livestreams, where he ensures optimal image quality and a smooth transmission.
_MG_0307-Edit Daniel B

Daniel Bardales Chavez

Video Producer
He started playing the drums at the age of five, much to the chagrin of his neighbors. Accordingly, he was able to gain experience early on while performing with various bands. Later, he discovered his passion for video production and realized image films for companies in addition to his own projects. At HOFA, Daniel has found his place behind the camera and in post-production.

Judith Kircher

Online Marketing & Administration

Judith Kircher works at HOFA as a writer and in the back office. She successfully completed a bachelor’s degree in digital media and is currently studying law at the University of Heidelberg. Her cross-disciplinary knowledge of the media industry and law helps her shed light on legal topics.


Alexander Röhl

3D-Artist, Media Computer Scientist
Alexander Röhl comes from the media industry and specialized in 3D design and programming. With his extensive knowledge in media informatics, he works on interactive tools and improving the customer experience. Alexander is privately a guitarist, keyboard player and passionate music producer, he also develops and programs his own MIDI controllers.

Daniel Vogt

Audio Engineer & Tutor
Daniel discovered his passion for music production at an early age while creating beats in FL Studio, putting his years of experience as a pianist to practical use. He feels most comfortable in the genre areas of Hip-Hop and RnB, in which he has already worked with many local artists as a producer and mixing engineer. At HOFA, Daniel is responsible for support and mix analysis, but is also involved in the plugins team.

Joshua Horspool

Audio Engineer & Tutor
Starting out as a vocalist and guitarist Joshua soon discovered his passion for music production and sound engineering. Having worked in multiple studios and being experienced across genres like Hip-Hop, electronic bass music, metal, rock and classical music makes him a suitable contact person for various questions and tasks. At HOFA, he works as a tutor providing support and input for our students. Furthermore, his responsibilities vary from content creation to the occasional workshop appearance.

Emanuel Demezzi

Audio Engineer & Tutor

Having previously been in the IT-industry, Emanuel Demezzi transferred to HOFA in 2022. Composing orchestral music and mixing live-events, he also has longtime experience as an audio-engineer.

At HOFA he works as tutor at the Online-College and is also responsible for sustaining quality for the online-courses and the websites regarding their content, visual appearance and functionality.


Tim Schückler

Audio Engineer & Tutor
Playing the piano and producing electronic music was Tim Schückler’s entry into music. In his home studio he has already realized some smaller projects so far. Through the band of his school he started with guitar and bass. He takes singing lessons and sings in a choir. Since he plays church organ, this has become his great passion.

At HOFA Tim is mainly involved in college, but also in video.


Jonas Wintermantel

Office administrator
In his childhood Jonas played the guitar and electric guitar as well as the cajon. After successfully graduating from the commercial vocational college, he decided to train in this field. Since October he works at HOFA-College and takes care of the support of course participants. In addition, he supports the shipping department and logistics.

Buddy Clements

Audio Engineer & Tutor
Buddy Clements has been a guitarist and singer in various bands since the age of 13. Before becoming part of the HOFA team, he worked as a salesman in a music store in the PA department, was active in recording and as a guitarist, bassist and drummer. He also has experience in lighting, rental and event technology. At HOFA College, he is involved in all areas of support.

Leon Frank

Audio Engineer & Tutor
Leon started early to discover his passion for music. Due to this, he has gained a lot of experience with various bands in the area as a keyboardist, guitarist and singer. With his wide range of music interests, he can answer questions about jazz, pop, rock, hip-hop, to house and techno. In his spare time he writes and produces his own songs.
_MG_9363 Simon E

Simon Erzinger

Audio Engineer & Tutor
Music production and the associated sound technology fascinated Simon from an early age. He started teaching himself how to play different instruments as early as his childhood. In the meantime, he produces his own projects and those of others. Due to the sound technical support of numerous events at FoH, he can fall back on an extensive knowledge.

Kevin Kleinschmidt

Acoustician and Audio Engineer
From electrician to certified technician (FR Electrical Engineering) to Bachelor of Science in Audio Production, Kevin never stopped looking for and tackling the next interesting step in his working life. It was here at HOFA that his professional and private interests finally came together. He has been a musician since the turn of the millennium with a lot of live and studio experience, and in that long time his interest and skill in the audio production field grew steadily along with it. Whether as a mixing or recording engineer or as an enthusiastic room acoustician, what counts for him is having fun, because only those who enjoy what they do are good at it.

Paul Batz

Marketing Communication, Tutor & Acoustician
During his education in marketing communication, Paul gathered some experience in the fields of digital marketing and social media. He also produces music in the genres hip-hop, lofi and RnB. For some time now, he has been experimenting with electronic sounds, thus mixing different genres and working as a mixing engineer for various artists. Paul works for HOFA-College in the departments of marketing, support and video.

Our Tutors

The HOFA-College courses, videos and personal customer support provide you with the appropriate wealth of experience that you need for successful productions. Our tutors come from various fields of audio engineering and have worked as engineers and producers for countless artists, bands, studios and institutions.