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Since its foundation in 2005, thousands of participants have continued their education with HOFA-College online courses.

Best ratings

HOFA-College is rated “EXCELLENT” by the independent internet portal FernstudiumCheck and was also awarded “Best Distance Learning School 2024” by FOCUS-BUSINESS.

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“The BASIC course is just great!
In this course I learned a lot about the technical side of mixing and what does or doesn’t make sense musically. The feedback on my practice mixes was very friendly, detailed and to the point. I am in awe of the skill of the reviewers and sometimes wondered how they could possibly hear this or that in my mix. Of course now I also know that I still have a lot to learn, so I am looking forward to the PRO course.
Thanks guys!”

Rik Bergman – Den Haag, Netherlands

“In order to better produce my musical projects, I decided to enrol in the HOFA online course.
The profound content, rich examples and in-depth analysis of the practical mixes make me feel that the professional experience of the tutors will push me to a new level.
I highly recommend HOFA-College!”

Nuno Oliveira – Porto, Portugal

“I am so glad I went for this online course! The level of detail is astonishing, and the feedback from the submissions is extremely helpful. It gave me the confidence to finally start publishing my music as an independent artist, so you can imagine how that feels!

The communication with the tutors has always been extremely efficient and they care about your needs!

Recommended 150%!”

Agustín Orozco Martín – Sevilla, Spain

“For a little more than 3 years I have been recording music in my small home studio.
However, I lacked a certain know-how to improve my productions. That’s why I decided to take the DIPLOMA online course at HOFA.
The BASIC course gave me the necessary basics and brought me a lot closer to my goal. I am really looking forward to the PRO course.”

Carlos Alexander Bone Padilla

“Loving the content!
I have spent the last 9 years delving deep into all things about audio production and HOFA really does the best job of making this information available in a clear and concise way.
I love the organization and the quality is second to none.

Highly recommend it to anyone looking to fill any gaps in their understanding of audio engineering and music production.

Eddie Grey – Los Angeles, USA

“HOFA is a joy to learn with, their technique in how they transmit and share info is nothing short of fantastic, so easy to understand. The staff is very friendly and attentive to my needs. Furthermore, the value is incredible!

I absolutely am loving this course! Highly recommended!”

William T O’Brien III – Philadelphia, USA