Tibor Berenyi – Brighton, UK

“I would like to thank the HOFA Team for this course!
I have learned a lot of new things, that are very important and necessary to know.
The HOFA PRO course showed me the right way of how to record and mix music. The support during the course was very helpful and they quickly replied to all my questions.
I would personally like to thank Simon Götz as my tutor.”


Philipp Siebler
Philipp Siebler
Philipp has been enthusiastic about working with digital media ever since he was a kid. That’s why he’s exactly in the right position as an online marketing manager at HOFA. As a DJ & part of the producer team Simon & Phil, Philipp can look back on many years of experience in performing and producing music. Whether Ibiza, Croatia or Oman – besides releasing his own productions, he had the opportunity to perform at international (festival) stages.

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