Sepp Herbert “Op” – New York, USA

“The course was very educational I have learned a lot and grown over the period of time, the classes are very well prepared. The theory and the practical I enjoyed studying.

And the mix analyses were on point with many analogies that opened my eyes to a lot of details in relationship to mixing.

Thanks HOFA-College for the education!”


Philipp Siebler
Philipp Siebler
Philipp has been enthusiastic about working with digital media ever since he was a kid. That’s why he’s exactly in the right position as an online marketing manager at HOFA. As a DJ & part of the producer team Simon & Phil, Philipp can look back on many years of experience in performing and producing music. Whether Ibiza, Croatia or Oman – besides releasing his own productions, he had the opportunity to perform at international (festival) stages.

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