Daniel Pfister – Lausanne, Switzerland

“The PRO course makes me feel more confident and comfortable with certain concepts. I actually feel like I have progressed, which is great!! I’m really enjoying this course!

Over the last few years, I’ve had a bit of an uneven journey. I learned on the job, with advice taken here and there and many hours of watching internet tutorials (sometimes contradictory). I only had approximate, not very solid notions.
My theoretical deficits prevented me from feeling completely legitimate in this field.
I know now that I was missing a vision!
In this sense, I am very happy that there is something like the HOFA online courses: there is a beginning, a middle and an end… one chapter introduces another one with a lot of logic. They are backed up with lots of audio examples.
I also find the workshops very interesting, I attend them as often as possible!”


Philipp Siebler
Philipp Siebler
Philipp has been enthusiastic about working with digital media ever since he was a kid. That’s why he’s exactly in the right position as an online marketing manager at HOFA. As a DJ & part of the producer team Simon & Phil, Philipp can look back on many years of experience in performing and producing music. Whether Ibiza, Croatia or Oman – besides releasing his own productions, he had the opportunity to perform at international (festival) stages.

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