Audio Engineers Analyze Peter Gabriel’s New Album “i/o”

Audio engineers Jochen Weyer and Hilton Theissen analyze the two mixes of Peter Gabriel’s new album “i/o” with a focus on sound and production.

From this video you will also learn how to recreate the drum mix with Manu Katché’s iconic snare from scratch.


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Jochen and Hilton are tutors at HOFA-College, the international online academy for audio engineering & music production.
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Samir Eckhardt
Samir Eckhardt
With an affinity for music production and as a passionate guitarist & drummer, Samir is responsible for supervising students at HOFA-College, as well as creating mix analyses. Having completed the distance learning program himself, he is very familiar with all the content and processes and has extensive training in sound engineering. Through his previous training as a media designer digital & print, he has an eye for design and brings his expertise also in the creation of graphics for the HOFA online campus.

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  1. I don’t quite know – yet – what my reactions are… And that’s all good. The difference between the two mixes is …. Interesting but the huge revelation for me is that the engenier mixing stuff has huge influence on the final result. Apparently, it’s not only to make the best of the tracks, but there is room for interpretations.

    Great video, thanks to the tam

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