Nuno Oliveira – Porto, Portugal

“In order to better produce my musical projects, I decided to enrol in the HOFA online course. The profound content, rich examples and in-depth analysis of the practical mixes make me feel that the professional experience of the tutors will push me to a new level. I highly recommend HOFA-College!”

Agustín Orozco Martín – Sevilla, Spain

“I am so glad I went for this online course! The level of detail is astonishing, and the feedback from the submissions is extremely helpful. It gave me the confidence to finally start publishing my music as an independent artist, so you can imagine how that feels! The communication with the tutors has always been […]

HOFA-College Info Video

In this video you will learn more about our audio engineering and music production correspondence courses: To the correspondence course overview

Carlos Alexander Bone Padilla

“For a little more than 3 years I have been recording music in my small home studio.However, I lacked a certain know-how to improve my productions. That’s why I decided to take the DIPLOMA online course at HOFA.The BASIC course gave me the necessary basics and brought me a lot closer to my goal. I […]

Recording an Orchestra | Czech National Symphony Orchestra

During our visit to the Czech National Symphony Orchestra in Prague, we produced videos on the following topics: main microphones, spot microphones, delay compensation, professional orchestra recording and audio engineering for classical music.Additionally, there is also a perfect multitrack recording that you can mix as part of your course. All videos and recordings are […]

Eddie Grey – Los Angeles, USA

“Loving the content!I have spent the last 9 years delving deep into all things about audio production and HOFA really does the best job of making this information available in a clear and concise way.I love the organization and the quality is second to none. Highly recommend it to anyone looking to fill any gaps […]

William T O’Brien III – Philadelphia, USA

“HOFA is a joy to learn with, their technique in how they transmit and share info is nothing short of fantastic, so easy to understand. The staff is very friendly and attentive to my needs. Furthermore, the value is incredible! I absolutely am loving this course! Highly recommended!”

Roman Ostrovski – Tallinn, Estonia

“I often feel like I’m not moving. For example, that I randomly turning the knobs on the compressor knobs and still don’t understand how to do it properly. Since taking the course, I have been growing in parallel, also in my own practice. With every feedback and practice, there comes a feeling that everything is […]

Bipin Gauchan – Tokyo, Japan

“I have enrolled in the HOFA DIPLOMA course which includes BASIC and PRO with a lot of practical exercises, sound examples and video content found in the HOFA Online Campus. The learning units are well-structured and in every unit, I find useful information I didn’t know before. Recently, I have completed my BASIC course and […]

Sepp Herbert “Op” – New York, USA

“The course was very educational I have learned a lot and grown over the period of time, the classes are very well prepared. The theory and the practical I enjoyed studying. And the mix analyses were on point with many analogies that opened my eyes to a lot of details in relationship to mixing. Thanks […]

Florin Barbu – Brașov, Romania

“HOFA-College is the best thing that happened to my education for a very long time. It is amazingly simple, and very well structured. Mix by mix you learn all the aspects of audio engineering, the tutors are very helpful, and the price makes enrolling a no brainer!”

Esau Ciprian – Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

“This online course has totally changed the way of my career! I have been a live sound engineer for more than 20 years and I had never had the opportunity to formally pursue a certification or educational program until I heard of HOFA-College. It has been the best thing that has happened to me. I […]

Arie Ridwan – Jakarta, Indonesia

“HOFA-College really helped me to understand audio, since the material covers all the basic practices and theory! The learning platform is amazing, and I keep going back to the course material whenever I’m working on a music/audio project to implement best practices. Also, the feedback I get from the mix analyses is very personal, so […]

Daniel Pfister – Lausanne, Switzerland

“The PRO course makes me feel more confident and comfortable with certain concepts. I actually feel like I have progressed, which is great!! I’m really enjoying this course! Over the last few years, I’ve had a bit of an uneven journey. I learned on the job, with advice taken here and there and many hours […]

Álvaro Márquez – London, UK

“I’ve had a great time learning at HOFA-College! Having a DIY background in music and recordings as a musician, what I found most useful was their laser-focus on both, theory and applied practice. From practical tips for microphones to theory of sound physics and music arrangement… their sensitivity and great effort for precision complemented my […]