Success in the music industry.

For a career in the music industry, you need above all convincing practical skills and impressive expert knowledge. Certificates attesting to your know-how and, if applicable, a bachelor’s degree, make it easier for you to enter professional life.

Our most comprehensive online course for audio engineering & music production, the HOFA AUDIO DIPLOMA, gives you all the knowledge and skills to make your dream of a job in the music industry come true.

The multimedia Online Campus, personal support, feedback on your productions, regular studio livestreams, comprehensive theory material and much more ensure your learning success.

After the DIPLOMA, you can get your internationally recognized bachelor’s degree in Audio Engineering & Music Production in just 12 months.

Tontechnik lernen ganz neu: HOFA-College V3

Komplett überarbeitete Kursinhalte und deutlich höherer Praxisanteil bringen dein tontechnisches Know-how in Rekordzeit auf ein überragendes Niveau.

Jetzt anmelden und bis zu 30 % Einführungsrabatt sichern!

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