Your level in audio engineering: beginner

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You’re probably at the beginning of your career in audio engineering & music production.
The great thing is: you can look forward to many exciting discoveries! In producing music – whether alone or with others – there is a lot of fun & creativity and great potential for your future.

The beginner’s audio engineering course HOFA AUDIO BASIC is a convenient way to learn the fundamentals of music production directly at home. This gives you the ideal basis for producing your music and successfully recording and mixing songs with your friends and customers.

Check out the online courses AUDIO PRO and AUDIO DIPLOMA as well. They both start with the BASIC course, but go much more into depth.

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▶︎HOFA Audio Engineering Online Courses

Education & studies


AUDIO DIPLOMA is the ultimate audio engineering online course. You’ll learn everything you need to know for outstanding music productions and your career in the audio industry.
If you want, you can then complete the bachelor’s degree in just one year.

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Save up to 30% and get 48 premium plugins as a gift!


With the online course AUDIO PRO, you will efficiently and successfully learn how to record, mix, master and produce music at a professional level.
This course is part of the ultimate online training in audio engineering AUDIO DIPLOMA.

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The entry-level online course AUDIO BASIC is the perfect start into the world of audio engineering & music production.
This course is part of the ultimate online training in audio engineering AUDIO DIPLOMA.

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All 48 HOFA plugins worth a total of $1,099 as a gift with the AUDIO DIPLOMA online course!

With the award-winning plugins from HOFA, you have the best tools for your online course and your productions.


Save up to 20% on the online course AUDIO DIPLOMA. You will also get Native Instruments Komplete and all HOFA plugins as a gift.

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