Your level in audio engineering: advanced learner

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You’ve already learned a lot about audio engineering and certainly have a lot of fun producing, recording, mixing and mastering music. To achieve even better, it’s time to go into detail!

Take a look at the online courses AUDIO PRO and AUDIO DIPLOMA. They both take you forward with many practical exercises, feedback by your tutors, comprehensive theory material, video tutorials, studio workshops and support.

After completing the DIPLOMA course, you even have the opportunity to earn an internationally recognized bachelor’s degree in audio engineering and music production.

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▶︎HOFA Audio Engineering Online Courses

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AUDIO DIPLOMA is the ultimate audio engineering online course. You’ll learn everything you need to know for outstanding music productions and your career in the audio industry.
If you want, you can then complete the bachelor’s degree in just one year.


With the online course AUDIO PRO V3, you will efficiently and successfully learn how to record, mix, master and produce music at a professional level.
This course is part of the ultimate online training in audio engineering AUDIO DIPLOMA.


The entry-level online course AUDIO BASIC V3 is the perfect start into the world of audio engineering & music production.
This course is part of the ultimate online training in audio engineering AUDIO DIPLOMA.

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Audio software as a gift with the ultimate audio engineering course!

Get the virtual instruments bundle V-Collection 9, the wavetable synthesizer Pigments 4 and all 48 HOFA plugins worth a total of $1,877 for free with the online course AUDIO DIPLOMA.

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