As an active participant in a HOFA-College online learning course, you can get attractive EDU prices from many manufacturers.
Usually, you buy/order directly from the manufacturer in their online shop. If you enclose our confirmation of participation with your order, you will receive the desired discount from the manufacturer.


Steinberg is a renowned manufacturer of innovative DAWs and other pro audio products. Steinberg is a subsidiary of the Yamaha corporation and is based in Hamburg, Germany.

HOFA-College is a “Certified Training Center” of Steinberg. HOFA CEO Jochen Sachse and tutor Jochen Weyer are also “Certified Trainers”, so all HOFA-College students benefit from professional support for Steinberg products and great special conditions.

Up to 40% EDU discount at Steinberg

For HOFA students, all Cubase, Nuendo, Sequel and HALion versions are available at a lower price. With every registration for HOFA AUDIO BASIC, HOFA AUDIO PRO or HOFA AUDIO DIPLOMA you will also receive a Steinberg Starter Pack for free.

Up to 40 % discount on:
Cubase Pro | Cubase Elements | WaveLab | HALion | Sequel | Nuendo | …

UNiDAYS offers a wide variety of EDU offers for students. Here you can get discounts on technology, lifestyle, fashion and many other items.

EDU discount on products from:

Apple | Behringer | Sennheiser | Sky | XBOX | adidas | and many more …

Ableton Live is a sequencer available for macOS and Windows from the Berlin software company Ableton. It is a music production tool aimed at the target group of live musicians/DJs who present their music on stage in real time, as well as at producers who want to create musical arrangements using this software.

Up to 40% EDU discount at Ableton

There are two different EDU versions of Ableton: Ableton Live Standard (full version, 11 GB library) and Ableton Live Suite (54 GB library, additional instruments and effects). Both versions are also available in combination with the Ableton Push controller.

Up to 40% EDU discount on:
Ableton Live Standard | Ableton Live Suite | Ableton Live Suite + Push Controller | …


HOFA-Plugins develops audio plugins with unique functions, which make mixing and mastering a lot easier.

The IQ-Series stands for intelligent and precise work. With the IQ-Series Analyser V2 you have complete control over your mix at any time and you can compare it easily with your reference songs. With the IQ-Series EQ V3, Comp V3, Limiter, DeEsser & Reverb, you have all the important tools you need to make professional mixes and masterings with the highest precision. Creative sound design is easy with the modular HOFA SYSTEM. In addition, HOFA-Plugins develops useful tools, such as 4U+ BlindTest (to compare plugins), CD-Burn.DDP.Master and many more.

33% EDU discount on HOFA-Plugins

As a student at the HOFA-College you can use all HOFA Plugins during your distance learning course free of charge. If you would like to use them afterwards, you can purchase them during your distance learning course with an EDU discount of 33%.

33% discount on:
IQ-Series EQ | IQ-Series Reverb | IQ-Series Limiter | IQ-Series Analyser | CD-Burn.DDP.Master | SYSTEM | …


ADAM Audio was founded in Berlin in March 1999. Since then, the company has been developing, producing and selling loudspeakers in the professional audio sector and very soon expanded its portfolio to include hi-fi speakers. ADAM Audio’s distinguishing marks are the golden ribbon tweeters.

15% EDU discount at ADAM Audio

With StudentBeans, you can get a 15% student discount at ADAM Audio.
Use your discount code during the checkout process at ADAM Audio shop to enjoy 15% off your order.

15% discount on:
ADAM Audio Monitors and Subwoofer like the AX- oder F-Series


Originally developed for the most demanding applications in control rooms and recording rooms, HOFA acoustic modules and acoustic curtains are used by musicians and producers worldwide for professional optimization of room acoustics.

HOFA-Akustik also provides optimum and reliable sound in hi-fi rooms, concert halls, home cinemas, music schools, broadcasting studios, offices and workshops.

10% EDU discount at HOFA-Akustik

As a student at HOFA-College you get a 10% discount on all acoustic products:
Diffusers | absorbers | basstraps | frames | acoustic curtains | …

fabfilter (1)


FabFilter is a Dutch plugin forge that offers excellent audio tools with an intuitive user interface. The product portfolio includes the Pro Series with excellent tools for mixing and mastering, the multiband distortion and saturation plugin Saturn, the synthesizer Twin and many more.

Up to 50% EDU discount at FabFilter

FabFilter offers all their Plugins with up to 50% EDU discount.

Pro-Q 3 | Pro-L 2 | Pro-MB | Pro-C 2 | Pro-R | Saturn | …


Izotope is a developer of high quality audio plugins for production, mixing & mastering and post-production. The extensive product portfolio includes the well-known mastering suite Ozone, creative tools like Stutteredit and VocalSynth, the powerful distortion plugin Trash and the restoration plugin RX and many more.

50% EDU discount on all Izotope plugins


WAVES is a manufacturer of high-quality plug-ins and pro audio hardware. The extensive plugin portfolio includes emulations of analog hardware as well as original plugin concepts in excellent quality.

35% EDU discount at WAVES

As a student at the HOFA-College you receive an EDU discount of 35% on all WAVES plugins and bundles.
This discount cannot be combined with other discounts.


Soundtoy’s plugins bring colour, character and creativity to your digital music studio. The plug-ins combine the sound and mood of classic analog devices with modern GUI and musical sound.

50% EDU discount at Soundtoys

Get the Academic Bundle which includes all Soundtoys plugins!


Adobe has been the leading provider of a wide range of creative software solutions for decades. With their Creative Cloud, Adobe offers a software subscription solution for media designers, advertisers and creative professionals in general.
The Creative Cloud includes programs for photo editing (Photoshop & Lightroom), video editing (Premiere & After Effects), vector editing (Illustrator), layout design (InDesign), web design (Dreamweaver), and much more.

65% discount (for the first year) on the Adobe Creative Cloud


Avid Pro Tools is a great DAW for multitrack recording and for integrating external hardware and analog mixers. Pro Tools offers a streamlined editing workflow and brings everything you need for production, recording, mixing, and mastering.

Over 40% EDU discount on Avid Pro Tools

Avid also has offers for participants of an educational institution. However, these only apply to the HOFA AUDIO PRO and HOFA AUDIO DIPLOMA courses, as a minimum term is required.

Image Line – FL Studio

FL Studio from Image Line is a complete software music production environment. The DAW represents more than 20 years of innovative development and offers everything you need to compose, arrange, record, edit, mix and master music in professional quality, all in one solution.

Over 30% EDU discount on FL Studio Signature Bundle


Sonarworks offers a software solution to optimize the frequency response of headphones or studio monitors.

Up to 50% EDU discount on Sonarworks frequency correction solutions


Studio One is a DAW used to create, record, mix and master music, with functionality also available for video. It is developed by PreSonus and it is available for MacOS and Windows. In addition to the commercial editions of the software (Studio One Artist and Studio One Professional), PreSonus also distributes a free edition with reduced functionality (Studio One Prime).

Up to 40% EDU discount on PreSonus Studio One Professional


EVE Audio was founded 2011 in Berlin by Roland Stenz. Within a very short time, the company has grown from nothing to a renowned manufacturer of professional studio monitors. One trademark that all EVE Audio speakers have is the advanced technology of the Air Motion Transformer, which is different from all other similar products on the market. 

20% EDU discount on all EVE Audio studio monitors:

EVE audio SC207 | EVE audio SC4070 | EVE audio SC2070 | EVE audio TS110s | and many more …


Bitwig is a DAW for music production and performance. Bitwig comes with a powerful modular system with over 150 modules. The MPE support makes Bitwig a powerful sound design tool.

Over 30% EDU discount on Bitwig Studio

Bitwig offers an EDU version of the full version Bitwig Studio at a reduced price with over 30% discount.


If you are looking for handy and clearly arranged plugins with extremely high sound quality, you will definitely find what you are looking for at Kilohearts! All individual effects modules can be easily combined in the modular hosts, “Multipass” and “Snap Heap”, so you can build powerful multiband and parallel effects with just one plugin. You can also use all effects modules in “Phase Plant” – Kilohearts’ award-winning synthesizer with innovative sound synthesis capabilities.

To get the EDU discount, you can send an email to with your student certificate or a picture of your student ID.

30% EDU discount at Kilohearts:

Multipass Effect Suite | Phaseplant Synthesizer | Premium Plugins | Individual Snapins | and many more …

*The educational discount cannot be combined with other promotions.



The Earproof earplugs are designed and developed in the Netherlands based on innovative technologies and a slim design. Earproof offers beautiful, comfortable and high quality earplugs with unique music filters. They are designed to meet the highest demands in terms of comfort and music experience.

15% EDU discount at Earproof

As a student at HOFA-College you will get an EDU discount of 15% on all Earproof products.



TrainYourEars EQ Edition is an ear training software designed to help you understand EQs and frequencies like never before. You’ll be exposed to hundreds of random equalizations that you’ll have to guess. If you’re wrong, it lets you know “how wrong” and lets you hear both your guess and the correct answer. In no time at all, you will develop a frequency memory that allows you to associate the sound you imagine with the parameters you need to choose, quickly and easily like never before.

20% EDU discount on the learning software TrainYourEars

Mixed In Key (also known as MIK) is a DJ software that simplifies harmonic mixing. The latest version of Mixed In Key analyses MP3 and WAV files and determines the musical key of each file. If DJs know the key, they can use music theory (such as the circle of fifths) to play songs in a harmonically appealing order. The software helps eliminate dissonant sounds while mixing the songs together.

50% EDU discount on the DJ software Mixed In Key


Captain Plugins offers software for music composition. The plugins help to create harmonies, melodies, basslines, beats, etc. and thus accelerate the workflow and promote creativity.

50% EDU discount on:

Captain Chords | Captain Melody | Captain Deep | Captain Play | Captain Hook | Captain Beat


Lethal Audio

Lethal is a ROM player and a worthy competitor to reFX Nexus. Lethal Complete gives you over 50 GB of high quality sounds for your productions.

50% EDU discount on Lethal Complete


Syntorial is a video game-like training software that teaches you how to program synthesizer patches by ear. In nearly 200 lessons that combine video demonstrations with interactive challenges, you’ll gain hands-on experience programming patches on a built-in soft synthesizer and learn everything you need to know to create your own sounds with ease.

Up to 40% EDU discount on the learning software Syntorial


Spitfire Audio works with the world’s best composers, producers, engineers and studios to create detailed, sophisticated and realistic recordings of instruments. The virtual instruments and sample libraries allow you to play and compose in your DAW, offering thousands of sounds and endless inspiration.

30% EDU discount on Spitfire audio libraries


The high-quality sound design and vocal processing tools from Krotos convince with their user-friendly & time-saving operation.
Create your own or edit existing sounds – the possibilities are endless!

50% EDU discount on all Krotos plugins:

Concept | Igniter | Reformer | Weaponiser | Dehumaniser & many more …

*The educational discount cannot be used to purchase upgrades, add-on packs (such as the sound libraries) or be combined with any other promotion. The educational discount is not applicable to items on sale.

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