The Big College Summer Special:

AUDIO DIPLOMA online course up to 30% off
+ Plugin bundle as a gift

Now is the perfect time to get started with your online course in audio engineering.

For a short time during the Summer Special, you will get all the important audio plugins as a gift with your audio engineering online course. This gives you the ideal tools to successfully learn professional producing, mixing, and mastering techniques on the fast track.
As this offer has decisive advantages for you, we want to give you a quick rundown of the DIPLOMA online course and the extensive plugin bundle:

As a gift: HOFA-Plugins Everything Bundle worth $1,099

This bundle gives you 48 premium plugins that will enable you to create top-quality mixes and masterings during – and after – your course. A wide range of equalizers, dynamics devices, reverbs, modulation effects and other special tools are available to you right from the course start so that you are ready to learn and produce without any compromise. Of course, you will also receive all new HOFA plugins that are released during your course. And there is something coming up 😉

Up to 30% off during the Summer Special:

Online course AUDIO DIPLOMA

This course will prepare you for all tasks in the world of audio engineering – with lots of enlightening exercises and a solid knowledge of theory. Learn in our multimedia Online Campus and receive constructive support from our experts for all your questions. The tutors’ feedback on your assignments and productions will provide you with individual solutions and help you achieve your personal goals.
After completing your Diploma, you will have the know-how to work successfully in a studio, start a career in the music industry and even graduate with a bachelor’s degree in audio engineering and music production.

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