Which info do I get in the course overview?

In the course overview, you can see all levels or topics and the corresponding modules. It also shows you which exercises and tests you have already completed or are still open in the various modules. Furthermore, you will find information on your progress in the course and on the certificates and degrees you have already achieved.
A green check mark shows you that you have completed the module, level or topic.

The orange bar above the course section shows you how far you have progressed.

A blue, open lock represents a module, level or topic that has been unlocked but not yet completed.

The grey lock refers to a module, level or topic that has not yet been activated for you – either because it will be available to you later in your course or because it is part of an online course that you have not yet booked.

If a module contains an assignment or practical exam for submission, you will see the status next to the module.

You can also see in the overview how many assignments there are in a level or topic and how many of them you have already completed.