What is the best way to proceed in the course?

The AUDIO BASIC, PRO and DIPLOMA courses are organized in levels. We generally recommend going through these levels one after the other, as both the modules of a topic and the levels as a whole build on each other and are structured in a didactically meaningful order.

Within a level, you can freely choose the order of the modules. The order of the modules, however, is deliberately organized and can be a good “guide” for you. Of course, you are still free to work through the producing module before the mixing module in level 2, for example 🙂

You are also free to decide when to submit assignments and take exams. For many, it is certainly the best way to submit the relevant assignments when they have completed the module, which is when they are “in the subject”.

If you want, you can also unlock levels ahead of time.

As a graduate of a topic course, we recommend that you work through the modules in the intended order, as the content of each module builds on each other. If you take several topic courses in parallel, you can refer to the order of the levels. There are some parallels in the topic courses – for example, Recording 7 (Drums & Percussion I) and Mixing 10 (Drums I) are in the same level.