What does the classification into levels and themes mean?

The HOFA online courses are organized in levels, which you complete one after the other.
• The AUDIO DIPLOMA contains all 24 levels,
• AUDIO PRO contains the levels 1-12,
• AUDIO BASIC the Levels 1-3.

The first level, for example, gives you the modules
• Digital Audio Production 1,
• Recording 1,
• Mixing 1 and
• Instrument Studies 1.
You are free to choose the order in which you work through these modules – the given order is the one that makes the most sense from a didactic point of view.

In addition to viewing your online course in levels, it is also possible to sort it by topic. The HOFA audio engineering online courses cover a total of 21 topics.

For a meaningful and diversified course, we recommend that you work through the levels one after the other. If you have booked a single topic course or a course with a one-time payment, you can also work through the modules of a topic directly one after the other.