How does the video search work?

The item Videos in the sidebar leads you to the overview of the video tutorials and workshop recordings. (The video clips included in the chapters are not listed here).
In this overview, you have the option of searching for specific videos or filtering by topics and content.

You can choose from four major topics:

In addition, there are a variety of tags that you can use to search for specific content. The Tags button can be opened:

You don’t necessarily have to select one of the 4 topics – it is also possible to simply select one or more tags or use the search function (to the left of the topics).

You can also find videos in this overview that are not assigned to a module and are available to all course participants. These include, for example, interviews with studio experts from all over the world (Studio Talk), the videos of the Show Your Mix and Show Your Studio series, Reaction videos and all videos on the XMAS Mix Contest songs with informative mixing and recording documentaries..