What are the different exercises and exams?

There are practical and theoretical exercises and tasks throughout the modules. You can distinguish between different variants:

  • Practical exercises
    These exercises are designed to practically implement processes that are described in the course. They are not obligatory but serve to consolidate what you have learned and to train your own skills. In many cases you will find a sample solution that shows you a feasible way of working through the problem.
  • Test yourself!
    With these self-test questions, you can test yourself and check how confident you are on essential subjects. They are arranged as multiple-choice tests and, like the practical exercises, are not compulsory, but particularly useful 🙂
  • Theoretical and practical exams
    These exams test your knowledge at the relevant point in the course and are compulsory for the Audio Assistant (HOFA AUDIO BASIC), Audio Engineer (PRO) and Audio Engineering DIPLOMA certificates.
  • Practical assignments
    There are practical assignments in many modules – these can be mixes in the Mixing modules or productions from different genres in the Producing modules. They are not mandatory for the course certificates described above, and you are free to do them and submit them for analysis.
  • Topic certificates
    Some of the practical assignments are required if you want to specialise in one or more specific topics and receive a topic certificate. These assignments are described separately in the respective modules.