What happens to previous courses when upgrading from College V2 to V3 or when upgrading within V3?

If you decide to upgrade from College V2 to V3, the V3 course will replace your previous V2 course. The price of the upgrade is calculated on the basis of the payments you have already made and the services you have used. When you upgrade to V3, you will no longer have access to V2 services. Instead, you will receive a new V3 course in which you can make use of benefits.

When upgrading within V3, the course booked will be added to the existing course. If you have not yet completed your current V3 course, you must ensure that the start of the upgrade follows the previous course. If you book an additional course, it will run in parallel, and you will be invoiced for both courses. If you want to start and pay for the course after you have finished your current course, you must therefore choose the month after the end of your current course as the start date.