How to Record Drums With Only Two Microphones

The miking of a drum kit often turns out to be very complex and offers a large number of approaches from a purely technical point of view. But of course there are minimalist ways that can be used for various reasons. Not everyone has a large number of inputs on the audio interface they use […]

3D-Recording – Miking for Dolby Atmos and More

The age of immersive music production has begun and is noticeably picking up speed. Around 75% of the Apple Music Top 100 Global Charts are already available in Dolby Atmos and even numerous catalog releases are gradually being transferred to modern formats. In parallel, supply and demand for XR applications and metaverse experiences are increasing, […]

Recording an Orchestra | Czech National Symphony Orchestra

During our visit to the Czech National Symphony Orchestra in Prague, we produced videos on the following topics: main microphones, spot microphones, delay compensation, professional orchestra recording and audio engineering for classical music.Additionally, there is also a perfect multitrack recording that you can mix as part of your course. All videos and recordings are […]

5 Metal Mixing Myths You Shouldn’t Believe In

There are many ways and means to achieve a powerful and aggressive metal sound. On the other hand, there are also at least as many myths that have formed around the production of a metal song. I have compiled a list with some of these myths and would like to debunk them in this video: […]

How to Create Your Perfect Vocal Chain

Whether it’s the Italian opera or East Coast battle rap, the sweetest pop ballad or the most sinister growl, the human voice has had a special place in music for as long as music is around. The vocals not only convey the textual message, but also a large part of the emotional content of a […]