How To Use Gated Reverb

Many sound examples demonstrate the impressive possibilities of this effect sound for your mixes.

Your Own Music Video in No Time – With AI?

A music video helps you share your music on YouTube and social networks. If you need to do it quickly or want a special look, several AI tools can help. Find out which ones are available and how to use them in this article.

HOFA-College Info Video

In this video you will learn more about our audio engineering and music production correspondence courses: To the correspondence course overview

The new version of the HOFA audio engineering courses

Take your audio knowledge to a superior level with completely revised course content and a much more practical approach. The latest generation of the popular online courses for audio engineering and music production offers you…

Immersive Remix – How Does Stereo Become 3D?

At least since Apple Music added the category “Spatial” to its program, immersive music has been on everyone’s lips… or rather, on everyone’s AirPods, earbuds, soundbars, etc. In particular, the available catalogue of Dolby Atmos mixes is growing rapidly, and statistics show that listeners often prefer immersive sound formats to traditional stereo sound. Until quite […]

Everything You Need to Know about Stems

Whether it’s music, film or game audio – anyone involved in sound production will sooner or later have to deal with stems. They form an elementary basis for archiving, exchanging, and providing sound mixes and are included in most delivery specifications of labels and production companies nowadays. It is not uncommon, however, for inexperienced engineers […]

How to Get Perfect Sounding Recordings for Your Song

Good preparation makes the perfect recording In many musical genres, good preparation – or pre-production – can contribute significantly to the quality of a recording. If the individual parts are perfectly prepared, you can save yourself additional stress during the final recording process by getting competent support for the technical side of the recording. This […]

Music & Dolby Atmos – How Does 3D Mixing Work?

With the increasing use of Dolby Atmos distribution formats, more and more music creators, studio operators, labels and engineers are asking themselves whether the format will become a new music standard and what demands this will place on music makers in the future. Is it worthwhile to deal with Atmos? Will stereo soon be obsolete? […]

Why Optimal Preparation Is Crucial for Every Kind of Production

The key to a great-sounding release is the quality of the audio material used for the mix.Sounds obvious – however, there is a whole host of aspects to this that need to be taken into account before the actual recording. Let’s take a closer look at the individual steps that lead to a release. The […]