Achieve Your Goals in Music Production With Pro Feedback

It is the primary goal of every training and education program to apply theoretical content and expertise in practice, while developing skills, experience and competence. That’s why the many practical assignments and exercises available to you at HOFA-College in various topics are so important. These exercises are often, but not exclusively, about Mixing and Mastering […]


The jury listened to, analysed and compared more than 800 contest entries (anonymously, of course) until it was finally settled who would win this year’s prizes for the best mix and the best remix of the contest song “Bloody Christmas”.

5 Metal Mixing Myths You Shouldn’t Believe In

There are many ways and means to achieve a powerful and aggressive metal sound. On the other hand, there are also at least as many myths that have formed around the production of a metal song. I have compiled a list with some of these myths and would like to debunk them in this video: […]

The HOFA-College Story

If you’re interested in finding out how we came to develop distance learning audio engineering courses at HOFA College, I’d like to share the story with you here. As one of the two founders, I was there from the beginning, so I know quite a bit about it. 1/9 1988: Founding of HOFA-Studios The first […]

Immersive Remix – How Does Stereo Become 3D?

At least since Apple Music added the category “Spatial” to its program, immersive music has been on everyone’s lips… or rather, on everyone’s AirPods, earbuds, soundbars, etc. In particular, the available catalogue of Dolby Atmos mixes is growing rapidly, and statistics show that listeners often prefer immersive sound formats to traditional stereo sound. Until quite […]

Music & Dolby Atmos – How Does 3D Mixing Work?

With the increasing use of Dolby Atmos distribution formats, more and more music creators, studio operators, labels and engineers are asking themselves whether the format will become a new music standard and what demands this will place on music makers in the future. Is it worthwhile to deal with Atmos? Will stereo soon be obsolete? […]