What Does the ZFU Certification of the HOFA Online Courses Actually Mean for You?

All HOFA online courses in audio engineering are evaluated and certified by the German State Central Office for Distance Learning “ZFU”. But what does that mean exactly? And what are your specific advantages and guarantees of taking part in a certified training? What is the ZFU and what are its functions? The State Central Office […]

Your Own Music Video in No Time – With AI?

A music video helps you share your music on YouTube and social networks. If you need to do it quickly or want a special look, several AI tools can help. Find out which ones are available and how to use them in this article.

FAQ: You Want to Transfer to HOFA-College?

HOFA-College offers online courses in audio engineering and music production. Are you enrolled at another institute and want to move to HOFA-College? Or do you already have a degree in audio engineering and consider continuing your education with us?

Recording an Orchestra | Czech National Symphony Orchestra

During our visit to the Czech National Symphony Orchestra in Prague, we produced videos on the following topics: main microphones, spot microphones, delay compensation, professional orchestra recording and audio engineering for classical music.Additionally, there is also a perfect multitrack recording that you can mix as part of your course. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_l3mk8JZ2X0 All videos and recordings are […]

The new version of the HOFA audio engineering courses

Take your audio knowledge to a superior level with completely revised course content and a much more practical approach. The latest generation of the popular online courses for audio engineering and music production offers you…