HOFA Is Climate Neutral

What does climate neutrality mean at HOFA-College?

Since January 2021, HOFA has been certified climate neutral with all its online courses and products. This makes HOFA one of the few companies that have taken this relatively costly and elaborate step. A responsible relationship with the environment has always been an important part of our corporate culture – and is even more so now. This year, we had our climate footprint calculated in order to compensate for our CO2 emissions. Compensating means that all CO2 emissions generated by HOFA are offset by supporting a climate-positive project certified to the highest standard. At HOFA-College, for example, we compensate for every place of work, including the travel of our employees, the entire shipping of folders and letters, the entire server infrastructure and much more.

At HOFA, you can be reassured that we are not only constantly improving our products and distance learning courses, but are also always looking for possibilities to become even more sustainable and climate-friendly.

Of course, avoiding CO2 is much more sensible than offsetting – which is why it always comes first. You can learn more about how we avoid CO2 in the following sections:

HOFA-College: Learning online = sustainable learning

Studying online is becoming more and more popular: you can study at your own pace, alongside your job and family; when and where you want – and still network with like-minded people via online workshops. Online studies offer many advantages and are also more climate-friendly than face-to-face studies, as they reduce the burden on transport and infrastructure.

We need energy primarily for our computer, server, audio and video technology – for which we use green energy. This means that you can complete the HOFA-College online courses completely from your home, saving resources.

Solar power and combined heat and power generation

The generation of electricity and heat causes a lot of CO2. That’s why we only buy green electricity. Our photovoltaic system, which we have been operating since 2007, usually generates more electricity than we consume ourselves.

The HOFA studios are heated with efficient and environmentally friendly combined heat and power in our own micro-cogeneration plant. We generate electricity in it and use the waste heat from the generator for our efficient heating system. This reduces CO2 emissions by half compared to separate electricity and heat generation.

We work environmentally friendly

Each of HOFA’s approximately 80 employees contributes to a sustainable corporate culture. Environmental protection and the reduction of CO2 emissions are included in all decisions – for example, when we talk about new technology, product innovations, an improvement in our operating processes or future developments. But also when we decide to only offer vegetarian food in our company cafeteria, because the production of meat is much more CO2-intensive than the production of regional vegetarian food.

Technology plays a major role at HOFA – after all, in addition to being an online audio engineering school, we are also a music studio, software developer, room acoustics supplier and media service provider. We therefore use a lot of studio and office hardware, server technology and video equipment. In doing so, we pay attention to long-lasting and resource-efficient technology, an environmentally conscious way of working and local partners and suppliers. A highly digitalized and paperless office not only saves us time, but also avoids unnecessary CO2 emissions. Emails replace business mail, and a digital archive avoids tons of files and folders.

And these are our plans for the future

We have ambitious plans: For example, we are currently converting our company fleet to electric or hybrid vehicles. We are also building e-charging stations, which we of course supply with green electricity. This will not only enable us to charge our company fleet emission-free, but we will also offer our employees charging options for their own e-vehicles. In addition, another solar power system is being planned.

We want to make our contribution to leaving a healthy planet for future generations, so that they too can do what they love – music, for example … 🙂

You have ideas about what we can do to further reduce unnecessary CO2 emissions, or would you like to talk about our sustainability concept? We look forward to hearing from you.


Jan Bönisch
Jan Bönisch
Jan Bönisch completed his training as a media designer for picture and sound at HOFA in 2015. He then graduated from the Corporate State University Mannheim with a degree in Media Management & Communication. Since 2019, Jan has been part of the executive management of HOFA, the company of his father Jochen Sachse. In addition to the business administration management of HOFA, his focus is on marketing, human resources and quality management. He is also an accredited trainer and heads the HOFA GmbH vocational training division.

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