Christoph Thiers

Christoph Thiers has a Bachelor of Arts in Audio Production from the Middlesex University London. At HOFA-College he mainly focuses on mix analyses, customer support and course development. He has experience in both classical and popular music. Christoph was a student of Alexander Grebtschenko and worked on several sound installations and new electronic music compositions. […]

Dr. Marc Röhm

Marc Röhm is a musician, audio engineer and scientist. Since the first time he entered a studio for recordings with his band, he has been fascinated by audio engineering and everything related to it – this fascination has never left him since. The degree as Audio Engineer at HOFA-College set the foundation for him to […]

Jürgen Lusky

Jürgen Lusky has been an audio engineer for more than 20 years. He is the senior mastering engineer at HOFA and polished records by Laith Al-Deen, Crematory, Krokus, Angra and many more. He recorded and mixed bands like Bap, the Kelly Family, Guildo Horn, Michelle, just to name a few. At HOFA-College, Jürgen is responsible for workshops […]

Daniel Vogt

Daniel discovered his passion for music production at an early age while creating beats in FL Studio, putting his years of experience as a pianist to practical use. He feels most comfortable in the genre areas of Hip-Hop and RnB, in which he has already worked with many local artists as a producer and mixing […]

Paul Batz

During his education in marketing communication, Paul gathered some experience in the fields of digital marketing and social media. He also produces music in the genres hip-hop, lofi and RnB. For some time now, he has been experimenting with electronic sounds, thus mixing different genres and working as a mixing engineer for various artists. Paul […]

Dr. Marion Leuthner

Marion Leuthner received her doctorate in theater studies from the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz. Her dissertation is characterized by her interest in combining art, science and life. Due to her experiences at theaters, museums, a software company and as an author, her tasks at the HOFA-College are in administration, educational consulting and PR.

Tim Müller

Tim has extensive musical knowledge and is mainly responsible for mix analyes and customer support. He’s a big band guitarist and a funk & jazz pianist. Tim collaborated with Chris Thompson (Manfred Mann), Cassandra Steen & Max Mutzke.

Nicolas Köhler

Nicolas is the child of two professional singers. Music has always been a part of his life. He sings on huge stages and his portfolio spans different genres (rock, pop, schlager, musical). At HOFA his main focus is room acoustics consulting and customer support.

Christian Hostert

As a graduated composer and sound designer with a degree from the ArtEZ Conservatory in Enschede, Chriss can provide expertise in a wide range of musical and audio engineering fields. He works as a live mixer with the band “Fortuna Ehrenfeld” in Germany, designs sounds for Kontakt Libraries and writes songs for the Cologne indie […]

Tobias Reiss

Tobi joined the successful acoustic orchestra “The Greedy Bunch” as pianist and second lead singer next to Laith Al-Deen in 1999. This led to the formation of the live band for Laith Al-Deen, whose keyboarder, background vocalist and musical director he is to this day and which lets him look back on countless hit album […]

Marvin Müller

Marvin graduated with a Diploma in Music Production and Sound Engineering as well as a degree in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. His hands-on experience in the studio and theoretical knowledge of technology puts him in an excellent position as an audio engineer and tutor. At HOFA College, his focus is on course development and […]

Florian Madey

Florian has many years of experience as a composer & music producer for motion pictures. Besides private productions, he has developed music concepts, composed soundtracks and produced them primarily in electronic styles for numerous commercials and short film productions. Florian graduated in 2019 as a media designer and producer. At HOFA-College, Florian is responsible for […]

Simon Götz

Simon started his career at HOFA on the basis of a study in music at PH Karlsruhe, completed a vocational training as a specialist for audio technology and a close cooperation with the Popakademie Mannheim. At HOFA he’s focused on customer support, workshops and course development and also works for HOFA-Plugins. Simon plays in several […]

Marc Sann

Marc Sann has been a tutor at the HOFA-College since 2013, where he mainly works in customer support, web development and programming. In 2011 he completed an audio engineering diploma and worked for productions at Radio RPR1 and as an IT technician. He’s a singer, bassist, guitarist, drummer and pianist.

Fabian Freitag

Fabian Freitag completed his vocational training as an audio-visual media designer and works as audio engineer and tutor. He’s gained a lot of experience at the HOFA-Studios, where he worked with artists like Freddy Sahin-Scholl (Supertalent Winner 2010) or the Rastrelli Cello Quartet. He plays the piano and trombone in various ensembles and produces his […]